How to Invest $100,000 for Retirement

“It’s easy to succumb to greed when investing a lump sum all at once.” says Asher Rogovy, chief investment officer at Magnifina.

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1) Today is a relatively good time to invest in a diversified portfolio of stocks. Valuations are down significantly from all-time highs. There are many ways to achieve sufficient diversity. Investors could choose one or two index funds, a selection of sector funds, or even 20-30 individual stocks. Generally the more work done to construct a portfolio, the better the performance. However, using ETFs is a very quick and easy way to reduce risk with diversity. 2) Now that interest rates are higher, bonds are becoming relevant as investments again. Investors can now lock in higher long-term returns with a bond. However, fixed-income investors remain exposed to inflation risk while equities and real estate are effective long-term hedges against inflation. 3) Nothing beats equities when it comes to growth. Stocks are down markedly from all-time highs. No one can predict the stock market perfectly, and it may go lower. But long-term investors may find compelling value at these levels. 4) It’s easy to succumb to greed when investing a lump sum all at once. It can be tempting to choose high risk stocks to balance out conservative investments. With the pressure of cash burning a hole in the pocket, it’s important not to rush through a due diligence, research, and analysis. Investors that aren’t up for the task should contact a professional investment advisor for assistance.

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