Investing for Employees with Stock-Based Compensation

Liquidity, Diversity, and Tax Efficiency for your shares

Concentrated portfolios are risky

As a high-achieving professional, you’ve worked hard to earn your equity compensation. At Magnifina, we specialize in helping individuals like you make the most of your Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) and other forms of stock-based compensation.

We understand the complexities and potential pitfalls of managing concentrated stock positions. We’ve developed an innovative quantitative indexing strategy designed to help you diversify your holdings, minimize your tax liability, and align your wealth with your long-term financial goals.

Our Quantitative Indexing Strategy

Targets Broad Market Performance

Intelligent Diversification

Tax Optimization

Ethical Investing Options

The Magnifina Difference

Personalized portfolios for every client

Everyone’s financial journey is unique, which is why we create tailored portfolios specific to individual needs and goals. Instead of relying solely on model portfolios or ETFs, we aim to meticulously select individual stocks for our clients. Our dedicated approach helps ensure that your investments are aligned with your financial objectives, and not just following a one-size-fits-all strategy.

Investments selected for overall quality

We believe in going far beyond basic stock screening and analyst recommendations. Our investment process emphasizes both quantitative metrics and deeper qualitative analysis, providing a more comprehensive review of potential investments. By doing so, we uncover hidden gems and opportunities that might otherwise be missed, ensuring your portfolio is robust and well-rounded.

Investing is our dedicated area of expertise

For over 13 years, our team has successfully managed portfolios tailored to the specific needs of high net worth individuals. Our chief investment officer also has rare trading desk experience from a prominent investment bank as well as rigorous academic credentials. Investing for our clients is not just our profession, it’s our passion.

Say goodbye to sporadic rebalancing

Advisors who pledge to make annual or quarterly rebalances may be ignoring your portfolio every other day of the year. We make adjustments nimbly as opportunities arise or mature. 

Plan your retirement in just 3 steps

Download one of the simplest retirement planners ever written! This tool helps you understand how much to save and invest each year to achieve your retirement goals.

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