Ethical Investing
Not all profit is financial
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Your money, your values

Not all profit is financial. That’s why we also specialize in ethical investing. It’s a new trend, also known as socially responsible investing, where a company’s impact on society is considered along with its bottom line.

We’ll work with you to select investments that you can believe in and that align with your values.

Doing good is good business.

Clean, Green Businesses

Long-term investors understand that many of today’s businesses are not environmentally sustainable. Some leading companies have committed to achieving zero carbon emissions in conducting their business.

Avoiding Vice-related Businesses

Businesses related to tobacco, alcohol, or gambling are linked to addictive behaviors. We can easily choose alternatives for your portfolio.

Shareholder Voting Rights

Many corporations issue stock which deprives shareholders of their fundamental ownership rights. We can avoid selecting stocks where different shareholders have unequal votes.

Your Investments, Your Ethics

What’s important to you? Let us know and we can work to build a portfolio that avoids certain business practices such as: animal testing, GMO food, reliance on pesticides, and usage of palm oil.