Financial Planning

Navigating your finances towards a safe harbor

Why Magnifina?

You’ve heard the stories, and retirement really was simpler. Many companies provided a secure retirement for long-time employees, and Social Security would help take care of the rest. Nowadays, fewer jobs offer robust pensions as part of their benefits, and workers are more responsible for managing their own retirements. This process can be both daunting, and draining. We want to help.

Our holistic approach to financial planning includes:

  • Establishing new financial accounts for specific objectives
  • Preparing a thorough projection for every stage of life
  • Frequent checkups to help adjust course as needed
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Comprehensive Plan

Our service involves a thorough analysis of many possibilities. We compare your current trajectory with potential course adjustments.

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Great Technology

Our technology provides simplified data entry, robust financial modeling, and extensive reporting.

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Solo or Coached

Our clients are free to use our financial planning tools on their own. We’re always available for a professional consultation.

Navigate your Future

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Save up for Life’s Milestones

Spending today or saving for the future can be a difficult decision. We can help analyze different saving strategies. Common milestones include:

  • A memorable wedding
  • First home down payment
  • College tuition for children

Borrow on your Terms

Buying real estate or a business almost always requires debt. We can help analyze different borrowing strategies such as:

  • A home mortgage or equity loan
  • Personal loans or lines of credit
  • Borrowing against your securities

Eliminating old debt is also a common financial priority. We can help analyze the benefits and drawbacks of the following strategies:

  • Avalanche: Repay debts with higher interest rates first
  • Snowball: Repay debts with lower balances first
  • Leverage: Pay only the minimum amount on low-interest debt as long as you expect to invest at a higher yield

Retire in Comfort

Retirement planning is more than simply managing an investment account. A robust plan should analyze pensions, life insurance, annuities, social security, real estate, and saving.

We can help plan for specific goals such as:

  • Purchasing a yacht, vacation home, or other lifestyle asset
  • Funding a trip around the world or other unique experience
  • Investing in a farm, restaurant, or other passion business
  • Leaving a philanthropic legacy

Plan your retirement in just 3 steps

Download one of the simplest retirement planners ever written! This tool helps you understand how much to save and invest each year to achieve your retirement goals.